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Royal Military College of Canada Engineering

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Royal Military College of Canada Engineering
PO BOX 17000 Station Forces
ON, Kingston  K7K 7B4
613-541-6000 ext. 60

The Faculty of Engineering is responsible for the education of future officers for professional careers in engineering in the Canadian Forces. Of primary concern is the development of professional competence in areas applicable to military related issues and technical problems faced by society at large. The curriculum is a mixture of domain specific engineering courses rounded out by knowledge broadening courses in humanities.

RMC offers five engineering programmes: Chemical and Materials Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. All programs are offered in both English and French. All engineering programs are based on a common first year general engineering program with specialization commencing in the second year of study. The successful solution to any engineering problem will inevitably involve the interaction of several subject areas, and to give emphasis to this fact the fourth year programme includes a realistic engineering project study for which students must define the problem as well as find the solution. The RMC Calendar should be consulted for further details pertaining to the specific curriculum for each of these engineering programs.

Engineering programmes are the primary focus of this university, with 50-60% of our graduates being engineers. RMC offeres accredited programs by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (Canadian Council of Professional Engineers), and produces 3% of Canadian Engineering graduates yearly. The programme is highly regarded due to its practical application to military problems and the unique 5:1 student to professor ratio. These unique characteristics, along with a commitment for excellence in education, truly assures successful candidates of an Engineering degree with a difference.

In addition to these accredited engineering programmes, the engineering division is also responsible the Land Force Technical Staff Program (LFTSP) in the department of Applied Military Science. This new commitment and expansion is a first step in providing continuing technical education and responsiveness to the Canadian Forces training needs.

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