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Queen's University Engineering

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Queen's University Engineering
Gordon Hall 74 University St.
ON, Kingston  K7L 3N6

Queen‚??s Engineering is one of the oldest and most respected engineering schools in Canada and we‚??re proud of our long history of producing some of the finest engineers this country has to offer.

Chemical Engineering
From computer disks and pharmaceuticals, to removing contaminants from soil and creating synthetic body tissue, society relies daily on products manufactured in the chemical process industry.

Computer Engineering
The information and communications technology of our knowledge-based society places computer engineers at the hub of a revolution that is perpetually evolving and changing the way we live and work.

Mining Engineering
Access to, and the use of, the earth's minerals and metals are essential to a sustainable society. Mining engineers are engaged in the broad range of activities involving minerals and metals.

Civil Engineering
We are surrounded by a physical environment created by Civil Engineers - homes, schools and office buildings, highways, bridges, subway systems and airports, river and coastal systems and green landfills.

Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering is at the heart of 'green' power systems and electric vehicles, medical diagnosis techniques, microfabrication, wired and wireless technologies for high-speed communications, and intelligent robotic systems.

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineers are needed wherever you find machines and devices, and at every stage - conception, design and analysis, implementation and testing, operation and maintenance, recycling and sustainability, management, consulting, marketing and research.

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