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Laurentian University Engineering
935 Ramsey Lake Rd.
ON, Sudbury  P3E 2C6

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has attained an enviable reputation for its undergraduate programmes, its expanded graduate offerings and for the research of its members. The research enterprise is part of a vision shared among the students, the staff and the professors of the Faculty.

We offer a broad range of undergraduate programmes in all the basic natural sciences and engineering with a few niche programmes such as Radiation Therapy (Physics and Astronomy), Forensic Science and E-Business Science (in collaboration with the School of Commerce).

We offer five Master's programmes and four Ph.D. programmes and more are on the way!

We have over 100 Professors teaching and doing research in a variety of fields such as in the Biomolecular Sciences, the mineral resources, precambrian geology and too many others to mention here.

Our programmes and our research both reflect Laurentian University as a comprehensive university and our strategic research plan which includes

1. The mineral resource focus of particular interest to the Department of Earth Science and to the School of Engineering;

2. The health focus where the Faculty is represented by its programmes (in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry and in Physics and Astronomy), by the research of its faculty members and by its associations to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and to the Northern Ontario Regional Cancer Centre;

3. The environmental focus which is showcased by our participation in the restoration of Sudbury ecology;

4. The underground science focus as exemplified in our involvement in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory.

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